fioreto skupina historickeho tance

The ensemble of historical dances “Fioretto” was founded in 1996 by a group of enthusiasts who prepare the annual “Festival of the Five – petalled Rose” in Český Krumlov. Their common hobby is history and especially old music and dances. The repertoire of the ensemble includes Renaissance dances which were reconstructed from historical records and according to recommendation of Czech and foreign historians (Doc. Eva Kröschlová, Dorotée Wortelboer, Veronique Daniels, Barbara Sparti…).

The company features in historical town festivals, in castles and chateaux, in festive occasions and performances for tourists. “Fioretto” together with the instrumental ensemble “Krumlovští pištci” appear in the composed performance of historical music and dance in Germany, Austria, and Cirencester in England and in Italy. The head of the ensemble is Mrs. Věra Hanzalíková.

Since the year 2002 the ensemble “Fioretto” has been cooperating with vocal and instrumental ensemble “Chairé” from Příbram. The head of this ensemble is Mr. Josef Krček. We believe that you will be attracted by old dances from the period of Renaissance court entertainment and cheerful medieval celebrations and you can of course dance with us too. We can even teach you old dances to your requirements. We are looking forward to future cooperation.

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